How To Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Change your environment, change your life

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Jonah's Clients and Collectors

Case study

How Mike Transformed His Condo Unit Into The Ultimate Retreat

Meet Mike - he had the same problem after purchasing a brand new ocean-front luxury condo unit - a place where he can relax with his family and hang out with his business partners.

With this new investment into his dream relaxation haven, he was presented with a new problem of what to put inside the space.

Mike didn’t want to deal with decorating and vibing out the space, so he came to us to find the perfect solution for his giant, boring blank white walls.

After working one-on-one with us, Jonah’s artwork added character and warmth, transforming the room into a soothing environment with impact and prestige.




What clients and collectors say


How To Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Have you always wanted a relaxing, inspiring home, but not sure how to get it? 

Have you committed to buying an incredible house, but it feels like it’s not quite finished yet?

You see, when you change your environment, you change your life. 

We’re all familiar with the experience of walking into a stunning room and instantly feeling the effects of its atmosphere. Our brains are hardwired to emotionally respond to the visual stimuli of color, form and light.

The mood you create in your home or office has a powerful influence on the way you and others think, communicate and behave. Art reinforces positive feelings of relaxation, curiosity, sensuality, and confidence. That is the power of art - it can change how you feel.

And if you can change how you feel, then you can change your life. 

“Immerse yourself in a life that moves you, because what you surround yourself with becomes your life.” - Topaz

My name is Jonah Allen and I’m a photographic artist with a gallery based in Florida. I’ve worked with over 100 art collectors, homeowners, and business owners in transforming their spaces into their perfect havens - full of peace and serenity. 

My work is collected by the town Alys Beach, American Airlines, and I’ve worked with dozens of design firms on commercial and residential projects. 

I’m going to teach you how to create your dream space - to make your house truly feel like a home utilizing large scale artwork. 

I know what it’s like to live in an environment that doesn’t feel inspiring or relaxing - a home staged with cheap art or worse - a home with empty boring walls. It feels lifeless and void of inspiration - stale and uninviting. 

Why do real estate agents stage homes for sale with art? Because art breathes life into a space. It gives the room a spirit. Art transforms the mood of a space, which transforms your mood and state of being.

Case Study

Beach Club at Alys Beach

Why Work With  Jonah Allen?

Jonah Allen is an award winning photographic artist based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Focusing on large scale work, Jonah currently has collectors across the United States, North America, and worldwide. 

Focusing on the ephemeral relationship between water and light, Jonah's work transports collectors and viewers into a state of sublime. 

Don't just take out word for it, read this testimonial from Julia S., a collector in Canada.

"Our family marvels at the ocean - being beside it is calming yet enthralling at the same time. Any chance we get ... we visit with our children.

Jonah’s work is like having a window to the ocean and triggers those same feelings.

The boldness of his photograph’s scale immediately grabs your attention and then the details and the colors pull you in.  Each photo insists you slow down, imagine being there where land meets water and experience the transformative power of water.

We feel so fortunate to be able to have some of Jonah’s work in our home. His passion is evident in both the photos he creates and in our interactions when deciding to purchase his art and in dealing with him.

The quality of the pieces we chose is amazing and we look forward to adding more of Jonah’s work to our collection in the future."

Find Art That Speaks To You

The first step towards making your house feel like a home is to find art that speaks to you - artwork that transports you to another time and place. Like a portal into other people’s worlds, lives and minds, find a piece of art that affords you a unique opportunity to step outside of your surroundings and into a new world. Find art that is a window into your dreams. 

Once you’ve determined the artwork that resonates with you, find the empty spots in your home - places with large, blank walls yearning for life. 

How do you know the best spots for art? Usually, the spots where you dwell the most are the best places. Or find the spots that are open statements for guests to see - entryways, above the mantle, above a couch or bed, at the end of hallway. Pick a place where the viewing perspective is not limited to just one small spot.

Before Artwork

After Artwork

Find The Right Size and Framing

The next step towards making your house feel a home is to decide on the size of the art and the type of framing.

You could break out the old tape measure, and measure your space to see what you’re working with. Then you could purchase artwork, wait 5 weeks for it to be framed, bring it home awkwardly in your car, and finally bring it home to the space to find out that it doesn't even look good in your space! What a waste of time and energy.

Instead, you could simply take a photo with your smartphone, and use software to digitally render the artwork in your space. This way, you know exactly what the work would look like in your home before you even invest time, energy, and money. 

Using renderings, you can find the perfect piece at the right size and frame before the work even arrives at your home.

Digital Artwork Rendering

Actual Artwork Installed

Installing The Artwork

The last step towards making your house feel like a home is to finally install the artwork. 

You could grab the tape measure again, break out a calculator, pen pad and paper, to make sure your measurements are accurate to the sixteenth of an inch. You could spend hours trying to get the placement right, after putting numerous holes in your brand new plaster walls. Or you could have a professional do it for you in less than an hour, to save your precious time and effort. 

Before Artwork Installed

After Artwork Installed

Imagine a new reality where all your worries wash away. Imagine coming into your dream space, to shut the door, kick off your shoes and slip back into your own private world. The outside buzz fades away and the narrative of our own life is reinstated. Imagine that place that is your haven. A place of inspiration.

I have spent the last 10 years making artwork that has an emotional impact and transforming collector’s spaces.

If you wanted renderings and custom solutions from an interior design firm, you'd have to invest $10k just for their services. I’m giving you renderings and custom catering for completely free. Not only that, I stand behind my work for life. That’s right - for life. Because I believe art can be an heirloom, that is passed down for generations. So my work is archival, meaning it will last a lifetime.

Also included is custom framing - choose from a plethora of frame types and colors, and know exactly how it will look with the piece of art in your space. 

Just as important, if you are local, then I will handle 100% of the installation process, so you don't have to deal with the precision of 1/16th of an inch.

Before you had to do art measurement, selection, and custom framing on your own, which led to time and energy wasted. Now with our art rendering and consultation services you’ll just wake up to a house that’s been transformed into a home!”

Here’s what you’ll be getting with services:

  1. Stunning limited edition photographic art that will transform your home

  2. Lifetime value on the archival artwork

  3. Free digital rendering mock up services to see how art transforms your space

  4. Custom Framing

  5. Art Installation in one hour or less

All you need to do is BOOK AN APPOINTMENT right now. Due to the amount of time and energy it takes to work one-on-one, I can only take 20 appointments per month.

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