This Is 30A's Hottest New Art Gallery Experience

Photographic Art By Jonah Allen


Jonah's Clients and Collectors

"Our family marvels at the ocean - being beside it is calming yet enthralling at the same time. Any chance we get ... we visit with our children.

Jonah’s work is like having a window to the ocean and triggers those same feelings.

The boldness of his photograph’s scale immediately grabs your attention and then the details and the colours pull you in.  Each photo insists you slow down, imagine being there where land meets water and experience the transformative power of water.

We feel so fortunate to be able to have some of Jonah’s work in our home. His passion is evident in both the photos he creates and in our interactions when deciding to purchase his art and in dealing with him.

The quality of the pieces we chose is amazing and we look forward to adding more of Jonah’s work to our collection in the future."

Julia S


"Jonah's art gives me the same feeling when I’m sitting on the beach by myself with no one else in sight, and there’s perfect low skim to provide enough noise to drown my own thoughts. 

The art is like knowing someone your whole life, and then seeing them in a perfect light at just the right angle and accidentally falling in love."

Janae B



"I feel a sense of calm and peace while looking at Jonah's pieces. It is as if the waves carry my troubles away. The beautiful work brings back the feeling of peace and contentment."

Julie S



"Jonah's pieces capture the peace and tranquillity of one of nature’s most stunning, yet unpredictable sources. They bring me a sense of inner peace that I so long for! In my heart I’m always searching for that inner peace and Jonah's pieces capture that for me."

Marc Harisson